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How to Manage Travelling for Work being a Mom

How to Manage Travelling for Work being a Mom

Are you a working Mom? Had a travelling job before a baby and been hearing from people—“Now that you have a baby, you should take up a role which requires zero travel.” Oh, but you wish to say something like this to them instead—“I love travelling and still wish to travel for work, if not more, at least somewhat!”

Ah Yes! This is what we travelaholics want but as soon as we deliver a baby, we land up in this situation. And this situation comes in most of our lives, especially with the sort of jobs that are there these days! Well, there are perks of travelling- not just monetary, but a lot more than that!

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I love dancing (from Bharatnatyam to freestyle to Zumba), travelling (for work and pleasure both), watching movies, going for walks, socializing with people, and playing with my daughter 🙂

All my experiences that I pen down here will showcase that life is beautiful and can be lived with a bindaas attitude. Live full to the fullest and travel for experiences.