How to Unlock Oneself post Lockdown?

India: How to Unlock Post Lockdown

Lockdown began in India on 25th March 2020. Restrictions got relaxed with Lockdown 3 and 4 coming in on 3rd and 18th May resp. and finally Nationwide Lockdown ended on 1st June.

Though Nationwide lockdown ended, many states still had lockdowns and many are now again going back to Lockdowns post opening up all the businesses to get back the Lost economy, only to realize the spurge in COVID-19 cases.

COVID-19 Impact: Lock Unlock times

Well, COVID is here to stay for some time! So how do we come to peace with it?

We have seen many renowned figures passing away in these tough times; it can’t be totally given to Corona, but, well, times have been tough, for people with comorbidities as well as for anyone’s mental wellbeing!

For some have lost jobs, for some still need to go to office and for some, its work from home for the entire year.

Some love travel, some have kids who need friends to play, and go outdoors, and not some, but all of us are Social animals who need to mingle with at least a few, if not many humans.

Many of us have again reconnected with those childhood friends far forgotten and never found time for in the Daily Rat race. And some of us have even realized a few friends are like Family in this specific situation.

So, though each one of us was paranoid in the beginning but lately everyone has come to terms that some sort of middle path has to be taken, for the fear to survive shouldn’t be the cause of death. One should not be totally optimistic to not realize the impact COVID can have, but, be practical enough to take precautions and be careful while meeting some close family, friends.

Unlocking when It isn’t Lockdown 

So what can one do during the Lock Unlock times? And what are people actually doing?

First and foremost, be careful and take precautions of course at every step outside home.

Sanitize, maintain social distance and wear Mask every time you are outside or if some visiting help is inside (your home).

And, keep yourself physically and mentally fit- Exercise, Dance, do yoga for being physically fit and Cook, eat (Indulge) and meet a few close relatives/friends for mental sanity!

Mental Health is as Important in Lock Unlock COVID-19 times

Do the following as many of us are doing—be it in India or any part of the world impacted by COVID-19

  1. Mingle with your family/relatives/close friends. Meet at each other’s house maybe once a week.
  2. Go for walks with your dear friends and strike that conversation you need! While earlier we would meet our friends at eating joints, COVID has made it healthier! Everyone is more comfortable to meet up for a walk and talk at a distance.
  3. If you are a travel freak and of course missing travel, go on long drives to destinations not so crowded.         (Tip: Take home cooked food and Chai. Do not stop anywhere crowded)
  4. If you have kids, Arrange playdates for them. Find some of the friends and family you trust in your society/ nearby area who your kid can play with on some of the days at each other’s home. If you stay in a society,  you can even fix a time every day for your kid and his/her friends to play. But remember to have the Masks ON outside and get your kid to bath post playtime. After all, it’s hygiene everyone’s been been talking about!
  5. Do celebrate your child’s birthday at home if coming at this time ! Don’t call his/her friends if you or friend’s parents are not comfortable, but do go and deliver the cake to some – meet and greet from a distance. That’s the way forward!
  6. Order Food from outside some time if you are comfortable; just be sure not to meet the delivery person. Pay online and get the food kept outside.

Let’s Remember the Pro’s of COVID

To wrap it up, though there are far more Cons of COVID- it has taken lakhs of lives, left many jobless, made the economy go upside down, created fear in us but It has given us some realizations.

It has made us realize how important Family is. It has also given us some friends who have become like family in times of Corona. COVID-19 has also brought back those connections with old friends who we had not spoken with for years together. It has given us time to reflect back on a lot of experiences and made us feel Grateful. It has made us realize Health and wealth both are equally important. And it has also given a topic for kids to write on. Mine one says Mumma, Corona and lockdown mean ‘So many chhutis’- well, she is as happy as can be with 4 months of full time with parents and first time being home in summer vacations and not at daycare

Cheers! Stay safe, stay healthy, Enjoy your weekend!



I love dancing (from Bharatnatyam to freestyle to Zumba), travelling (for work and pleasure both), watching movies, going for walks, socializing with people, and playing with my daughter 🙂

All my experiences that I pen down here will showcase that life is beautiful and can be lived with a bindaas attitude. Live full to the fullest and travel for experiences.

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