What happens when that Tiny creature comes out of your belly?

The Journey to and Joy of Motherhood

The Pregnancy time is the most precious, memorable time – I would say a honeymoon time for ‘to-be-Moms’. That’s the time everyone pampers them, they get to eat what they want (as long as your ‘to-be-baby’ allows ;)) and are showered with lots of love and gifts from their nears and dears.

These are also those times wherein some of us have nausea, some pains, when we see our stomach growing extra-large that we are unable to take the weight and are always so tired. These are also those moments when our baby kicks and we feel excited, those times when there is a huge craving to eat a Belgian chocolate ice cream at midnight and we land up at a cafe with our hubby in our sleep-suit.

Well, everyone from friends to family tell you what to eat, what to do, not do when you are pregnant but no one tells in detail how life will turn immediately post pregnancy. Life changes, and in multiple ways- It’s only your Attitude that can keep you going!

So what happens when that tiny creature comes out of your belly?

Joys and sorrows post pregnancy

So, is there depression after pregnancy? For many -yes, for some maybe no! To those who get that sinking feeling, it comes in a way that you sometimes just can’t judge. Post pregnancy, the hormones change and so do the situations!

These days most of us are living in nuclear families i.e. it is just the two of us, wife and husband living together and suddenly when this tiny lil creature arrives, it changes our world. For basic support and lack of expertise, you get your parents to live in with you, or get a nanny- some for a short duration, and some, for years together. This lil creature’s one cry can turn the entire home upside down with everyone running around.

That New Mom feeling..

Your hormones have been undergoing changes over the last 9 months and post-delivery you are not the only person who gets attention; the one you gave birth to is the apple of everyone’s eye now, even your husband’s! The home that used to be quieter is now filled with cries, laughter, and emotions.

To top it all, you are not doing anything like going out, meeting friends, working on laptop, watching movies. All you are doing is sleeping, feeding, eating and repeating the same for some months together. You are sleep deprived and your source of entertainment is just your Child and the massages (for those who get the same for about 40 days)

You feel Why Me?

You suddenly feel why me? Why did i have to undergo all this?

What I would tell the new Moms- it’s totally normal. That feeling comes to most of us!

  • It comes to those who felt earlier is there a need to give birth at all? or who wanted a baby but now are surrounded by so many people giving advice for the newborn
  • To those who feel why my Mother-in-law is here, maybe if I had my Mom with me things would be better! or who have their Moms instead with them but shout at them taking out all their frustration of a completely changed life. A life that has made them so important in one person’s life that they can’t even take bath, forget going to a parlor without them!

Yes, it’s your child who has no one but you to look back at, who is making your life tough but it’s just a matter of some days and then you get over that depression.

Joy of Motherhood

Reflecting back at that time, you figure out that it was a normal phase that comes in most Mom’s lives and makes them stronger – makes them believe that We women are stronger and thus God also never fails to test our patience, our strength, our intensity of bearing pain. But he, in turn gives us joy- the Joy of motherhood!

Yes, you have your child who you will find does make you go mad every day in very new ways but is the one who is Your’s. He/she who loves you unconditionally and vice versa. He/she is the one who has given you the chance to become a Kid once again, whose naughty eyes, naughty smile, and the expression of words as and when they start speaking gives you excitement.

And what more to say- you have got a new companion- and believe me you will be the Most Important person for them for a few years- Relish those! Till they turn big and tell you, Mom, I can do it myself,  carry on and keep those joyous moments captured for memories.

And in such COVID-19 times, if you have a small baby or are on maternity leave you should be thankful that your spouse is also being able to see those precious moments by being home. Lockdown could feel like a blessing in disguise 🙂 Happy motherhood! and Fatherhood 🙂



I love dancing (from Bharatnatyam to freestyle to Zumba), travelling (for work and pleasure both), watching movies, going for walks, socializing with people, and playing with my daughter 🙂

All my experiences that I pen down here will showcase that life is beautiful and can be lived with a bindaas attitude. Live full to the fullest and travel for experiences.

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