How to make the Most of Life under Lockdown?

Life under Lockdown

Well, everyone is talking about Life under Lockdown

It isn’t easy! Everyone knows!

Humans are social beings.. they love to step out, meet people.

Everyone seeks for people of their age, similar interests outside home.

Every Age misses something in this Lockdown

Elderly wish to walk, talk with their each other.
Kids want to play outdoors, in the park, cycle along with their friends.They miss their school, friends, and to say the most their daily set routine!

We adults..we miss our routines too! We miss Going out, Eating out, partying.

Those who are office goers miss their office..yes! I mean it..we realize it when we don’t get to go! We miss office, we miss those chai breaks! Because We love to talk, SOCIALIZE…and what we are being told maintain SOCIAL DISTANCING 🙁

We Moms miss our ‘Me’ Time, and not to forget the Maids and cooks!

Yet, we are Inside; inside our homes because the COVID-19 has got us paranoid. It has got a sense of fear in us. Fear of death!

Is this fear good?

No, it isn’t. But do we have an option?

Yes, we do foresee that people are not willing to meet, because they fear that the infection will take them and their loved ones away! And this fear is also leading to people getting depressed and anxious. But what we all would have noticed is also, that, though there was anxiety in the first few weeks, it has settled in now. We have adapted to the Change, and have made changes to our Daily routine, which, has become the ‘New Normal’ routine.

It will be fun to see when things get back to Normal, we all will again be anxious- Anxious of those traffic jams, of reaching office on time, of doing things in rush-rush 🙂 Well, hope that time comes soon though

So, what can be done at this time of being under Lockdown..

First is –Lets try and be positive and make the Most of it.

Well, we can stay connected to our friends and family. Many families did join in to stay together where it was possible when lockdown was announced. That’s a good thing to do considering you need empathy and people around.

For rest, we can say..stay connected digitally. Many people have switched to video calls..they have transformed their friendships to be.. not the ones of touch, hugs but of at least being able to see each other, talk and share their emotional quotient at this time of crisis.

Here’s a List of To Do’s:

(Don’ts are already shared by the Government, so I will focus on To Do’s ;))

* Maintain your emotional quotient, Stay positive
* Fix times to read news (Don’t Go Overboard as it brings in negativity)

* If you are working, stay involved in your work during office hours; also have Virtual ‘Chai pe Charchas’
* Don’t forward too many COVID-19 messages on social media/groups

And Here’s a List of How to make the Most of Life under Lockdown:

* Speak to your friends and family over phone/video call, get in touch with your old buddies– This is the time!
* Clean your house, your cupboards
* Get some ‘Me’ Time
* Exercise, Get some fresh air- Go for a walk or stand in your terrace/balcony
* Play with your kids..if you get frustrated with too much time spent with them, think of them! Even they are missing their school and friends. And if both of you are working, teach them how to manage when you both are working, give them activities and spend those evenings with them. For those working parents, believe me, all the parent especially the Mom guilt will be gone after this Lockdown for sure 🙂
* Get your kids to have video play dates with their friends..Dress up, Dance, Play games
* Watch movies, Do some Qooking (Quarantine cooking!)
* Get back to your long lost hobby..this is the time!
* Plan a virtual house party every weekend. Some of us love those ‘Truth Or Dare’, and some the ‘Tambola’ parties. Or just do a party among your family ..Get Dressed, make some good food, look at some of the albums of your childhood.

*  And if you can get your child to sleep, have a Romantic date once a week in your living room – Brush up your home’s ambience to feel like a cafe/restaurant .. Let it make you fall for it!

And incase your birthday or festivals come during this time, celebrate them…make a festive environment in your own Sweet Home.

Love life, Live life..Live bindaas even in these tough times.

Stay safe. Cheers!!



I love dancing (from Bharatnatyam to freestyle to Zumba), travelling (for work and pleasure both), watching movies, going for walks, socializing with people, and playing with my daughter 🙂

All my experiences that I pen down here will showcase that life is beautiful and can be lived with a bindaas attitude. Live full to the fullest and travel for experiences.

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Well said Payal!!
Well I was already following the don’ts and regarding Do’s, thanks for sharing the list 🙂
In my opinion, this may not be the best time for all of us but as you said this can be turned into the fond memories where we get so much time to spend with family.
Keep writing and sharing!!!