How to Manage Travelling for Work being a Mom

How to Manage Travelling for Work being a Mom

Are you a working Mom? Had a travelling job before a baby and been hearing from people—“Now that you have a baby, you should take up a role which requires zero travel.” Oh, but you wish to say something like this to them instead—“I love travelling and still wish to travel for work, if not more, at least somewhat!”

Ah Yes! This is what we travelaholics want but as soon as we deliver a baby, we land up in this situation. And this situation comes in most of our lives, especially with the sort of jobs that are there these days! Well, there are perks of travelling- not just monetary, but a lot more than that!

So, how to manage work and travel being a Mom?

Depending on your circumstances, you have to choose when to start travel for work. You have to first be confident to join back work post your maternity which will come to you after being sure that you have the support system.

There could be two situations- One that are you staying with in-laws/parents? Then, it’s a little easier to manage the kids behind you, though it’s not quite easy to manage your in-laws thinking that how can you leave the child and travel. Well, you can! You just need to make them understand how important your job is, what the monetary benefits are and Get your husband to support you in your endeavor!

Second situation could be that you are staying in a Nuclear family. Then it’s mostly on the husband! You have to have the bonding between him and the child, and him being able to handle most of the chores as well. Being in nuclear family and you working, you would have already thought of an option of either a full time maid or a daycare for your child. In-case of daycare, part time help would be needed in mornings and evenings and as the child grows, this part time help would be less needed as your spouse will be able to play and manage time with the child better

So, why should you travel for work?

Well, there are some reasons that are too good to let go off your business travel-

  1. It’s required for your business and your career growth
  2. You get to travel to new places
  3. You can sneak out sometime from work to check out a few things in that New place
  4. You get some “Me” time away from home
  5. You get to meet your old friends in various cities and some relatives too
  6. You also get to meet new people, make new friends and I think we, travelaholics, love it

Tips for Travelling Moms

So now that we know the “Why” for travelling, here are some tips that would help engage your child and family further to be happy about your travelling –

  1. Plan our travel dates in advance. If your travel dates are in your hands, that’s the best. Ask your husband which dates work for him, which days his workload is less and then decide accordingly. And if some date is really crucial for you, then he would need to work around the same too.
  2. Keep your travels for one days such that you go early morning and come late night unless really necessary to stay back at least till you are breastfeeding or even after.
  3. For a child up to the age of 1.5-2, don’t tell them much in advance. But for a child above 2.5, Keep him/her informed about your upcoming trip, and if he/she says they will miss you and tell them the need to go and when you will be back. Involve them in your travel- ask them which dresses to pack/what all you will be doing, where you will be staying! It helps!
  4. Do make sure you make their food chart for the day so that you and your husband don’t need to call each other too much for the same. First few trips you might be calling to ask if everything is fine, has he/she eaten, but believe me, Fathers care, and if they can’t do much according to you, well, they still manage to in those situationsJ. So, instruct them, get the confidence and thereafter, trust them on this part. It’s for your own mental peace!
  5. Do a voice/video call with your child during the day once they are home. It gives a sense of you being there! But keep in mind not to call too much.
  6. Get a Gift for your child- Small goodies like a cake, a small something on every trip works wonders, though it can’t compensate your time but still it helps to an extent. And if your in-laws/parents are staying with you, something for them once in a while also makes them feel good.
  7. Be sure to spend some quality time with your child before your trip and after your trip to make him/her feel comfortable and sure that you are there and not gone for long

Travelling for work is a not easy. It requires lot of pre-planning, support system. It makes you feel guilty, especially the first few trips, but then it becomes a routine/habit to your child and spouse. And some “Me” time is always a blessing! So work, plan and travel J


I love dancing (from Bharatnatyam to freestyle to Zumba), travelling (for work and pleasure both), watching movies, going for walks, socializing with people, and playing with my daughter 🙂

All my experiences that I pen down here will showcase that life is beautiful and can be lived with a bindaas attitude. Live full to the fullest and travel for experiences.

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