Mommies trip..Are you in for it?

Mommies Trip..Are you in for it?

Are you Single or married or a Mom of one, two or more kids? Whatever stage of life you maybe in, you must have at some point experienced that urge, that need to take a break. Not just a break, but a feeling that Oh! I so want to go on a girls only trip with my besties! And if besties are far away, maybe even with the same set of girl friends who are at the same life stage!

Well, this feeling and need to travel with girl friends definitely sets in once you are a Mom! Here is why you must take that break and go all out on an all Moms trip; if not regularly, at least once in a lifetime! And when i say once, just remember, you will love it so much that you will make it a point to go frequently on such trips πŸ™‚

When 4 Moms decide to have some Fun!

So, 4 of us, 3 MBA friends and one friend of our friend, all Moms, 2 having 1 child each and other 2 having 2 children (in the age bracket 8 months- 8 years) decided its time to take a break. Its time to break from the routine of Rat race at office, taking care of kids, sleepless nights, changing diapers, and not able to give ourselves enough time.

We decided its time to pamper ourselves. It’s time to go for a Happiness therapy- Relax, massage, shop, party, sleep without alarms for a few days and forget all tensions, atleast for 2/3 days. And, thanks to our Husbands and our parents and in-laws who supported us in our endeavor.

A month and a half before the trip, this idea occurred to one of us and believe me it was less than a week in which all 4 of our tickets and hotels were booked. 2 of us were travelling from India and 2 from Singapore. Our husbands agreed in a day on the idea as they knew one or the other of us and our husbands. Guess that gave them the confidence to say Yes in a ziffy!

Why shouldn’t Mommies have all the fun?

We went to Bangkok and Pattaya..the places where Guys go alone as we heard from most of our friends and colleagues when we told them. But well, Why should Guys have all the fun??Β  The 4 of us knew we are going to Rock the trip and have an amazing time of our lives.Β We made an itinerary and did more than that actually. Two of us, Moms of 1 child each planned to reach a day in advance.

Day 1: Pattaya

We had a day in Pattaya! So, once we landed at Bangkok airport in the morning, we headed straight to our Hotel, kept our luggage there, got ready in their shower room as check-in was allowed post noon. Then, we took the metro to the Bus station and bought bus tickets for Pattaya. We reached Pattaya around lunch time and headed straight for the walking street to the end of which is a fine dine restaurant at ‘Siam Elephant’ resort. We had lunch there and chit chatted with each other over whats going on in our lives.

Post lunch, we strolled on the walking street, relaxed in the beach and got our feet wet in the Sea. We also managed to see the popular Alcazer show before having dinner at an Indian restaurant and then headed back to Bangkok. We reached Bangkok around midnight. On the way to our Hotel, we peeped into a massage parlor to find our Singapore friends clicking a selfie after taking a Foot massage there. Post that, all 4 of us chitchatted, drank and slept at 2am in our Hotel ‘Hilton Sukhumvit’

Day 2:

Day 2 was all packed with a leisurely breakfast at the Hilton’s executive lounge (Thanks to our friend who got us this being a Hilton Honors member !) . Post breakfast, we took a swim , got ready and were ready to shop at the Bangkok’s popular weekend Market – The Chatuchak. There we shopped till we dropped and just managed to bring ourselves back by metro to our Hotel. We had lunch at 5pm πŸ™‚ and then headed for a full body Thai massage. Post Thai massage, we came back to have a quick bite and free cocktails at our Hilton executive lounge πŸ˜‰

Day 2 night was the only night together , so we had to make it memorable. We went to the Vertigo Moonbar to take the mesmerizing view of Bangkok from the 55th floor. The plan post that turned out to have a good dinner at an Indian restaurant and then heading for the ‘Levels’ Club only to be told that one of us (Thats me!) was not wearing the correct footwear!

Not wearing correct footwear? Oops! i felt like burying myself; for a second only though πŸ˜‰ as my friends reached out to the entrance and asked them the possibility of entering. They had a spare heels which they gave us for 350 baht. We four split the cost and the one whose size fit it best got it afterwards πŸ™‚ Fair deal it was. The club had great music, great dancers and we danced to the Music till our feet hurt. Then, we took a Tuktuk post that (Auto ride in Bangkok) whose driver went likeΒ  Michael Schumacher- what a ride it was to the Cowboy street, just 1 km from Levels club. We took a stroll at the Cowboy Soi and then headed back to our Hotel.

Day 3:

Day 3, 2 of us woke up at 7am, hit the gym and swam while the other 2 (Read mother of 2 as well :)) slept and covered up on their sleep. We got ready, had a good breakfast, checked out , left our luggage at the Reception and then took a metro to the MBK mall. And again the shopping spree started with whatever one can think of. We bought footwear, purses, kids apparels, shoes, Thai t shirts, accessories.

The Singapore ladies ended their trip with a foot massage and fine dine Thai lunch before moving to the Airport. The India girls shopped further and then headed to a cousin’s place that night who treated them to a Fine dine Thai food at the Tree hotel. It was a great trip and it seemed like we did so much in so little time! Clubbing, shopping, Massages, Beaches, Alacazar show, Meeting family, and not to mention, Catching up with old friends and Talking! Letting go off the responsibilities of our shoulders and just having fun!

A true sense of happiness and recreation it was for the 4 of us! Waiting to finalize on our next trip with more friends joining us πŸ™‚

I love dancing (from Bharatnatyam to freestyle to Zumba), travelling (for work and pleasure both), watching movies, going for walks, socializing with people, and playing with my daughter πŸ™‚

All my experiences that I pen down here will showcase that life is beautiful and can be lived with a bindaas attitude. Live full to the fullest and travel for experiences.

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Hey nice to read up on all the fun you girls had. Inspires me to plan a trip soon