Things to Do in the Fascinating Leh Ladakh- A True Paradise on Earth

Leh Ladakh- A True Paradise on Earth

This One, of the many vacations I have undertaken is a very special one, and close to my heart. It was the Last trip I went on with my parents and brother before I got married; not that we haven’t been to more trips after marriage, but those have been with my Husband and daughter also added 😉

This trip was also the one wherein romance between me and my hubby started. This trip planned about 2-3 months in advance happened to turn out right after our Engagement. Ours, being an arranged marriage and we being in different cities, the meetings did happen before deciding that we wanted to get married. But the real phone conversations and the romance began during this trip between us…

How Long your trip to Leh Ladakh should be?

Leh Ladakh- A one of a trip it was! Once your body gets used to the oxygen levels there, and you settle in a day or so, you will be mesmerized by the beauty and the enthralling views the nature has to offer there. A 6 days 5 night trip is the ideal incase travelling by flight, but if travelling by road then you need 10-12 days of course.

We did a 5 days 4 night trip and stayed 3 nights at leh and 1 night at Nubra valley. One can also add another night and stay at Pangong. In Leh, we stayed at Hotel Shambala, a comfortable nice hotel in Leh which provided complimentary breakfast and dinner.

Things to Do in Leh Ladakh:

So, Here are the places you must Go-to when visiting Leh Ladakh:

1.The Thikshey Monastery at Leh: Thiksey Monastery is located on top of a hill in Thiksey approximately 19 kilometres east of Leh. Primarily, Tibetan Buddhism is preached here. A must visit to see the nice architecture, and the Monks living there.

Image result for thiksey monastery leh

2.Khardung la Pass: This Highest Motorable road, a 3 hour drive from Leh, is an absolute Must Visit! Enjoy the hot cups of tea/coffee, the omlettes as you feel the chill when you  get out of the car to experience the location. At 18,380 feet, you will feel on top of the World. It’s a dream adventure for many and you will definitely fall in love with the Snowy and Artisitic mountains

3.Nubra valley: Here you find the Sky, Mountains, Water and Desert meeting up at one place. An absolute must if you are visiting Leh ladakh. It’s a 5 hour long journey by car from Leh, thus, best to have a one night stay. Here you will find the Double humped Camels, a one of its sort that you would not find anywhere else in India. Take a ride on them and enjoy the beauty of the desert at the foothills of the mountains.

4.Pangong Lake: Oh, and well, this is something one waits for especially if you have seen the movie, 3 idiots. The Lake, the view, the entire scene send chills down your spine and you are Awestruck! These scenes seriously exist and in our own India. It’s a 5 hour drive from Leh and either you can start early morning and return the same day after spending the afternoon there or can plan to night stay in tents/camps and return the next day.

Tips for planning your travel to Leh Ladakh:

So, as the trip is just a 5/6 day trip if travelling by flight, by the time you adjust, the trip gets over making you feel, oh! I am already going home. But yes, with great memories of the scenic views of nature making you feel content, mesmerized and happy all at one time! Yes, one should prepare before going to leh Ladakh so that Health is taken care and you can enjoy the vacation to the fullest!

  1. If travelling by flight, remember, there is a huge dip in oxygen levels, so take it slow, even to walk, your body will take efforts, thus, best to rest the day you reach.
  2. Reach airport in time as there are extra security measures and read the items that you cannot take beforehand
  3. Ask your doctor to prescribe and carry medicines with you
  4. Better not to take small children and elder adults as it can be tough for them to adjust to the oxygen levels.
  5. Eat light once you reach Leh Ladakh
  6. There are Taxis (SUVs) available at a prescribed rate for each location, thus, your travel is sorted. There are defined rates for each sector like Leh- Nubra, Leh-Pangong, Leh- Khardung la and the same can be found through the Hotel you are staying at or at Leh Taxi stand.

Happy travelling!!




I love dancing (from Bharatnatyam to freestyle to Zumba), travelling (for work and pleasure both), watching movies, going for walks, socializing with people, and playing with my daughter 🙂

All my experiences that I pen down here will showcase that life is beautiful and can be lived with a bindaas attitude. Live full to the fullest and travel for experiences.

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