What is the “WHY” in your Life??

Living bindaas this times comes with a perspective that Living and loving life comes with us achieving various milestones in our lives. Those milestones may not always be easy to achieve and may demand us to make a plan to attain them. It’s only possible to reach them if we have a definite answer.

An answer as to WHY we want to achieve those milestones?

Do you look into those WHY’s before setting Goals for yourself? Do u know how important it can be to define those WHY’s? They can really get you into action!

So, As the year has just begun, it’s easy to relate to the fact that each one of us makes some goals for the year, in the beginning which we follow for a while and then forego as we either don’t find time, OR the motivation to chase them. Here comes the need to pause, re-think and recollect why we made that goal for ourselves?

A Life without a Goal takes you nowhere!

Each day we make goals, from small to big- a mere waking up on time to leaving for office on time to giving time to our health, achieving our work timelines, being able to give quality time to our spouse and kids. These seem small, but are our everyday goals which one needs to work on to achieve.

So, each one of has some goals which we wish to achieve and those need a lot of sacrifices, determination and catching up. And how do we do that? We got to find the motivation for those!

In each one of our lives there exists something which lightens us up, excites us and gets us going! So, let’s find out how we can live up to Making a Goal, Following a Goal with Passion and giving our 100% to achieve it!

What is the WHY behind making that Goal?

If you made a Goal, and are not able to keep up to it, I suggest you answer these questions to yourself-

  • What prompted me to make that goal?
  • Is there really a need to make that goal?
  • How will I feel if I achieve that goal?

Once you have answered these questions, Visualize on how you will feel if you achieve that Goal? Will you be on Top of the world? Will you feel ecstatic and feel confident and more motivated in life? If “YES”, then you should go ahead with following that GOAL and if “NO”, then that GOAL requires some more “Why” from you so that you are able to follow it.

Then some practical questions will pour in, but if your WHY is clear, you will find answers to these questions surely!

  • Am I willing to put in my time, my energy towards that goal?
  • Am I ready to sacrifice somethings to achieve it?
  • Will my circumstances allow me to be able to work on that goal? If no, am I ready to find a solution to it?
  • Do I have the resources/support system to achieve that goal

 Write the GOAL 

Now, that you have realized that the GOAL you made is of utmost importance to you, you need to Write that “GOAL” on a chart paper/white board and put it up at some places where you will be reminded of it- like in front of your Bed (so that you see it the moment you wake up and before sleeping), on your laptop screen, at your office desk (if you are working). You need to see it every day to make your conscious realize that you have that GOAL you wish to achieve and take actions towards. Write the Goal in the form which says it’s already achieved. And re-read these lines as many times as you can to yourself till you start believing it. That’s when the results will start to show. That is the Power of spoken words!! If you make a GOAL and don’t believe that you will be able to achieve it, believe me, you will never be able to!

Make an Action plan with set Timelines

So, our next step is the action required for achieving that GOAL

Make an Action plan for achieving the GOAL and set timelines. For achieving anything in our lives, we need to act; for achieving GOALS, we need to thus make an action plan which should comprise of all the things we need to put in to achieve it. And there has to be a timeline to achieve it

Execute the Action Plan

After making the action plan, we need to start executing it.

Finally, monitor the Actions!

What is not monitored does not get done! Everything that we do, needs to be monitored so that we know we are going on the right track.

Keep writing the results on a white board/chart paper and reviewing your actions. Incase required, we might need to change the action plan as per circumstances and certain results that show up but are not what we wish to achieve.

Get Yourself Monitored as well J

Follow this and you will see results coming in. And not to forget, have someone monitor you and your Goals so that incase you get de-railed sometime, that Someone is there to Remind you of that GOAL you made for yourself and ask you the “WHY” behind it!

Happy Living and achieving! May we all achieve Great milestones!













I love dancing (from Bharatnatyam to freestyle to Zumba), travelling (for work and pleasure both), watching movies, going for walks, socializing with people, and playing with my daughter 🙂

All my experiences that I pen down here will showcase that life is beautiful and can be lived with a bindaas attitude. Live full to the fullest and travel for experiences.

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Good write up..