Why Daycare is the Right option for Working Mothers

Daycare- A Bliss for Working Mothers

Well, living a bindaas life for a Mom is possible when she is at peace with the fact that her child is in safe hands, is happy, and learning the right habits 🙂

This article is for those Moms who are mothers to infants/toddlers, living in a neutral family and wanting to join back work!

So, are you thinking whether to send your kid to a daycare or keep a nanny at home? Well, this juncture in each Mom’s life is a nervous moment where she is worried and thinking what will be best for her kid? Read on to know how Daycare can just be the right option for you and your child…

Questions that All working Mom’s ponder upon-

  • Should I really get back to work or become a homemaker?
  • Will my child be able to stay without me?
  • Is my child going to be happy and safe when I go to work?
  • In years to come will he/she be able to learn good manners and good habits with me going to office and he/she being at daycare/with a nanny?

So, Which type of Mom are you?

Well, it’s a tough decision definitely and a personal choice of each working mother-

  1. Some wish to take a break and stay at home while
  2. Some find it more exciting to get back to work or
  3. There is a financial need that makes them get back to work

As for me, I fall in the second category – wanting to join back work after my girl turned 10.5 months old. Well, it wasn’t easy! When I wished to rejoin work I was given a new profile which involved travelling. In love with marketing and getting that awesome profile, I just couldn’t say No to it- and my husband backing it up was an added plus. But I didn’t know what to do with My lil one- she was too small to be left without me when I would travel for work and My mom couldn’t stay back with us for long. Thus, after much deliberation and speaking to some friends who had taken that tough step in their lives at some point of time, I sent her with my Mom Dad to Delhi for a month.

When she was back with me at the age of 1, I put her into daycare right next to my office. It was by chance that the daycare we liked turned out to be just about 300 m from my office.

So, why a Daycare and not a Nanny? Well, this decision will vary depending on which city of India you reside in. Being in Bangalore, this seemed like a better decision and has definitely turned out great for us

Plus points of putting your child in a Daycare:

  1. Your child gets the company of other kids of almost the same age which is required for him/her to play and acquire social skills
  2. Your child learns multiple languages- Being in Bangalore, the teachers speak English and the maids Kannada. And at home, we, being from north India speak Hindi. Children at such early age can pick up all the languages you speak with them
  3. He/she learns a lot at an early age- they are surrounded by books, educational games which they play with other children and teachers
  4. They can eat by themselves and even drink from glass post 1.5/2 yr old age
  5. They learn to change clothes themselves at around 3 years of age
  6. Your child learns to eat a variety of foods- vegetables, fruits, roti/rice/dosa/idli and various snacks (this doesn’t mean they don’t eat home food. I give my daughter breakfast, lunch, fruit from home but in case she wishes to eat a school snack, she does that as well)
  7. Their motor skills and creativity increases with so many art and craft and other play ideas
  8. They have so much to talk about in the evening with you and tell you their stories of their second home- the daycare
  9. Their screen time is limited
  10. Depending on the daycare and the care they take, it becomes your child’s second home where you can leave them whenever required

Each Mom has a different parenting style

Yes, the home is a place where they have been brought up from birth, but without you being at home, it’s not really the same for them. And a Nanny is an adult, who can surely take care of your child, but only have limited stamina to play with your child or impart education/social skills to him/her.

I wouldn’t say those kids who stay at home with nannies aren’t safe or don’t grow well- every mother has her own way of raising her child and that’s the best! Each child is different and so is each parent; thus, it’s best to choose what suits you most and gives you comfort. At the end of the day, the Mother should be at peace.

Scared of your child’s immunity?

Yes, many working mothers are scared of the infections that might happen to their child as they enter daycare. For those being breastfed, that’s not much an issue as their immune system is still secured and those who have gone past that stage, are going to fall ill one of the times as and when they enter school but in sometime their immunity will get better! As my lil one’s doctor said once, her falling sick and infections are going to make her immune system stronger and yes, she did fall sick sometimes during those flu seasons but has come past that stage now. Plus, parents know these days not to send their kids to daycare when they aren’t well so that other kids health is maintained.

I would only end this write up by saying I have had a great experience till now with my daughter going to daycare. I really am thankful for so many things she has learned there and the efforts put in by them – to make her leave her sipper and shift to drinking milk from glass; to make her walk and talk the way she does! She was a late walker, started at 19 months, walked in daycare the first time, then after one week at home and then there is no stopping her ofcourse!

Happy parenting. Cheers!

I love dancing (from Bharatnatyam to freestyle to Zumba), travelling (for work and pleasure both), watching movies, going for walks, socializing with people, and playing with my daughter 🙂

All my experiences that I pen down here will showcase that life is beautiful and can be lived with a bindaas attitude. Live full to the fullest and travel for experiences.

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Gaurav Bubber
Gaurav Bubber

Very well written..


Awesomely written! All the concerns so clearly pointed out and explained.

Deepak Verma
Deepak Verma

Interesting viewpoint and put across so seamlessly. Many corporates now have daycare facility for their employees within the office itself. Women must press for this facility as a right.