Planning a Retirement party for your Dad/Mom? Here’s how to go about it!

Are you planning a Retirement party for your Dad/Mom or any uncle? Thinking what to do? How to make the retirement celebration a memorable one? Well, here are some takeaways from My Dad’s Retirement party that we recently planned and celebrated – It will tell you what all went into its preparation and of course how the celebrations went.

Enjoy the write up!

The Retirement Party Preparation

The Preparation started 2 months before the occasion was to arrive. It was our Mom Dad’s idea itself and thus was not a surprise party as we kids were confused whether it’s really required because we didn’t and still don’t want our Dad to retire from work. We want him to work for some more years – maybe not have a very hectic work life but still do work professionally, so as to keep himself and our Mom busy and healthy 🙂

Well, after a lot of discussions when it was finalized that we will celebrate the Milestone in our Dad’s life, the final list of ‘To Do’s was put in place which looked something like this-

  • To Make a List of the invitees/guests – Put a stop on the no. of people we wanted to invite
  • Finalize on the Venue, the decorations, DJ (Well, for us Punjabi’s there is no party without Dance!)
  • Finalize on the Photographer to capture the memories that would get made that Day
  • Prepare an invitation card and inform all via whats app and then phone call
  • Decide on a gift for Dad
  • Decide on Momento’s to be given to the invitees
  • What to wear for the occasion
  • And then the biggest of all preparations- what to be presented on that day which Dad cherishes

So, the work started by asking our colleagues, friends if they have ever attended a retirement party and what all they have seen. We finalized on making a presentation on Dad’s life from Birth till Retirement and started gathering pictures, information on his study and professional life. We also started to ask his Engineering and Walker’s group (with whom he walks daily and parties as well :)) to prepare some videos, some speeches and share some photos

Retirement Party Celebrations

The retirement celebrations were three-fold. On the last day at office, a Friday, Mom, my husband and daughter went to get him home after cherishing some speeches from his team members and talking clicks in his cabin and office. I couldn’t join due to official reasons 🙁

On the second day, there was a party thrown by 4 of them who were retiring at the same time (my dad being among them) for their office colleagues. In this, mainly, there were speeches and songs sung by 2 great artists and yes, rhymes sung by my own daughter. My Mom, brother, my husband and daughter were already present and  even I managed to turn up for this event giving a Surprise to my Mom and Dad 🙂

“Vo sham kuch hasin thi, ye sham aur bi hasin hai”

And then came the Day which we were preparing for arrived!  We had mainly invited only Localities so as to keep the Retirement party celebrations manageable for us. We had invited Dad’s Ex-colleagues, his closest friends and our relatives residing in Delhi. The time given for the party to be held at The Executive club, Sat Bari was 7:30pm. People started pouring in post 8pm uptill 9 and some even 10. At the entry, a picture was taken with people coming in and post that snacks (both veg and non veg) along with drinks were served.

Here I would like to mention- while checking on whether everything was set before the party was to begin– be it food, drinks, juices etc. they didn’t have tomato juice and we who had reached 2 hours in advance to check on the food, drinks, venue settings, the projector etc. said Ok but when my Dad came, he insisted on Tomato juice.

Tomato juice??  i had thought to myself later realizing that the core friend circle’s ladies choice of cocktail was ‘Bloody Mary’, making that tomato juice so much important 🙂

Dad’s Journey

So, people poured in for the Retirement party and when the gathering was almost 90% at 9pm, we (myself, my husband and brother) showcased a presentation made for our Dad which had everything from his birth, to schooling, college masti and pics (esp. for his Thapar audience), to marriage, his professional career, kids, and my marriage. Videos were shown of some people speaking about him and for him. This included his college friends and my father in law who were not present there. Post this, the stage was open for anyone who wanted to share his and our Dad’s journey/friendship. And well, many a people especially my brother with his speech that day, got my Dad’s eyes filled with tears of happiness and joy!

Retirement party Moments

After this, the stage was taken over by his Walker’s group (a bunch of 10 men and their wives who are too young at heart!). They got a big garland for my Dad and Mom and indeed, it became a moment wherein they could feel it’s like their 2nd marriage as well J

Post this, the Cake cutting was done wherein our lil angel as usual was the centre of attraction cutting the cake with her Nanu Nani J And then the DJ went on loud with everyone moving, grooving to the Punjabi beats. Some enjoyed their talks, some danced and Ate.

Our lil angel that day had not slept in the afternoon and thus decided to sleep on a sofa at the venue of the Retirement party after having posed enough for pictures, eating, dancing and cutting Nanu’s cake. My husband and I had our own time post that where we Danced to Punjabi music after long!!

Well, looking back at the entire event from thinking to preparing to executing the retirement party- it was great evening filled with fun, love, laughter, Dance and food. Yes, a lot of preparation went into its making but the retirement celebrations provided proud moments for our Dad and us to cherish upon forever, thanks to Ramesh uncle who runs the Uphar Photo studio at Sarojni Nagar, Delhi. We felt that yes! Indeed, it’s a moment that demanded Celebration of the person, for the person who put in so much hard work, dedication, commitment put for so many decades altogether.

Cheers to the accolades achieved in the first innings of life and to be achieved in the next innings!!






I love dancing (from Bharatnatyam to freestyle to Zumba), travelling (for work and pleasure both), watching movies, going for walks, socializing with people, and playing with my daughter 🙂

All my experiences that I pen down here will showcase that life is beautiful and can be lived with a bindaas attitude. Live full to the fullest and travel for experiences.

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