How to Unlock Oneself post Lockdown?

India: How to Unlock Post Lockdown

Lockdown began in India on 25th March 2020. Restrictions got relaxed with Lockdown 3 and 4 coming in on 3rd and 18th May resp. and finally Nationwide Lockdown ended on 1st June.

Though Nationwide lockdown ended, many states still had lockdowns and many are now again going back to Lockdowns post opening up all the businesses to get back the Lost economy, only to realize the spurge in COVID-19 cases.

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What happens when that Tiny creature comes out of your belly?

The Journey to and Joy of Motherhood

The Pregnancy time is the most precious, memorable time – I would say a honeymoon time for ‘to-be-Moms’. That’s the time everyone pampers them, they get to eat what they want (as long as your ‘to-be-baby’ allows ;)) and are showered with lots of love and gifts from their nears and dears.

These are also those times wherein some of us have nausea, some pains, when we see our stomach growing extra-large that we are unable to take the weight and are always so tired. These are also those moments when our baby kicks and we feel excited, those times when there is a huge craving to eat a Belgian chocolate ice cream at midnight and we land up at a cafe with our hubby in our sleep-suit.

Well, everyone from friends to family tell you what to eat, what to do, not do when you are pregnant but no one tells in detail how life will turn immediately post pregnancy. Life changes, and in multiple ways- It’s only your Attitude that can keep you going!

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How to Manage Travelling for Work being a Mom

How to Manage Travelling for Work being a Mom

Are you a working Mom? Had a travelling job before a baby and been hearing from people—“Now that you have a baby, you should take up a role which requires zero travel.” Oh, but you wish to say something like this to them instead—“I love travelling and still wish to travel for work, if not more, at least somewhat!”

Ah Yes! This is what we travelaholics want but as soon as we deliver a baby, we land up in this situation. And this situation comes in most of our lives, especially with the sort of jobs that are there these days! Well, there are perks of travelling- not just monetary, but a lot more than that!

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Mommies trip..Are you in for it?

Mommies Trip..Are you in for it?

Are you Single or married or a Mom of one, two or more kids? Whatever stage of life you maybe in, you must have at some point experienced that urge, that need to take a break. Not just a break, but a feeling that Oh! I so want to go on a girls only trip with my besties! And if besties are far away, maybe even with the same set of girl friends who are at the same life stage!

Well, this feeling and need to travel with girl friends definitely sets in once you are a Mom! Here is why you must take that break and go all out on an all Moms trip; if not regularly, at least once in a lifetime! And when i say once, just remember, you will love it so much that you will make it a point to go frequently on such trips 🙂

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Top Things To Do while Travelling To The Vibrant City of Sydney

Oh Sydney!

Well, i went to Sydney by chance, or as they say, circumstances got me there. My hubby got some official work for 3 weeks and i joined him there for a good 10 days! Thanks to our friends there who made our trip most memorable. I had a great time travelling Solo on weekdays and enjoyed Outings with hubby and friends on evenings and weekends 🙂

Well, Sydney is a pretty charming place, and tons of fun if you get to stay right in the city center, near to Darling harbour. The lights, the ongoing music throughout the day, the water- all bring that sense of happiness from within! We went in the month of July. It was a little chilly and the wind was cold so it was good to have a wind cheater handy at all times.

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Things to Do in the Fascinating Leh Ladakh- A True Paradise on Earth

Leh Ladakh- A True Paradise on Earth

This One, of the many vacations I have undertaken is a very special one, and close to my heart. It was the Last trip I went on with my parents and brother before I got married; not that we haven’t been to more trips after marriage, but those have been with my Husband and daughter also added 😉

This trip was also the one wherein romance between me and my hubby started. This trip planned about 2-3 months in advance happened to turn out right after our Engagement. Ours, being an arranged marriage and we being in different cities, the meetings did happen before deciding that we wanted to get married. But the real phone conversations and the romance began during this trip between us…

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What is the “WHY” in your Life??

Living bindaas this times comes with a perspective that Living and loving life comes with us achieving various milestones in our lives. Those milestones may not always be easy to achieve and may demand us to make a plan to attain them. It’s only possible to reach them if we have a definite answer.

An answer as to WHY we want to achieve those milestones?

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Why Daycare is the Right option for Working Mothers

Daycare- A Bliss for Working Mothers

Well, living a bindaas life for a Mom is possible when she is at peace with the fact that her child is in safe hands, is happy, and learning the right habits 🙂

This article is for those Moms who are mothers to infants/toddlers, living in a neutral family and wanting to join back work!

So, are you thinking whether to send your kid to a daycare or keep a nanny at home? Well, this juncture in each Mom’s life is a nervous moment where she is worried and thinking what will be best for her kid? Read on to know how Daycare can just be the right option for you and your child…

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Planning a Retirement party for your Dad/Mom? Here’s how to go about it!

Are you planning a Retirement party for your Dad/Mom or any uncle? Thinking what to do? How to make the retirement celebration a memorable one? Well, here are some takeaways from My Dad’s Retirement party that we recently planned and celebrated – It will tell you what all went into its preparation and of course how the celebrations went.

Enjoy the write up!

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